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A blue arrow is appearing in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 when speaking selected text and using hover highlighting?

"Display accelerator button on selection" needs to be disabled.
- Launch IE10
- Open Internet Options
- Select Advanced Tab
- Go to "Browsing" Section
- Turn Off - Display accelerator button on selection
- Click on Apply
- Close and Restart IE10

Can BrowseAloud 6 be deployed across a Network?

Browsealoud 6 is a virtualised application. It has no MSI and is only one file, it does add anything to the Program Files or Add/Remove Programs and can be downloaded and run without any admin privileges.

BrowseAloud 6 can be run directly from a server by copying the BrowseAloud 6 exe to a network share, the shortcuts to this exe can then be placed on the workstations. It can be emailed to users and they can then save it to their desktops and be run from there.

Settings are saved locally here;

On Windows XP; C:\Documents and Settings\*USERNAME*\Application Data

On Windows Vista and Windows 7; C:\Users\*USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming

To remove from your computer ensure BrowseAloud 6 has been closed, you then locate the BrowseAloud 6 file that you downloaded and saved on your computer and delete this file.

To use online services (translations, dictionary, updates ) firewall exceptions may need to be made by a network Administrator.

Can I control BrowseAloud 6 without a mouse?

Yes. You can simply use the Control button to turn on/off the speech. Alternatively you can set up your own keyboard shortcut to start and stop speech in BrowseAloud 6. To do this open the Customise Speech tab in the Options panel. Select "I want an alternative keypress to start and stop speech". Click in the Alternative Keypress window and press what combination of keys you wish to use.

You can also navigate to and around the BrowseAloud 6 Options using the standard Windows accessibility keyboard controls, such as the Tab and arrow keys.

Does BrowseAloud 6 read Accessible Text in Flash in Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8?

No, it does not.

Does BrowseAloud 6 work with Firefox?

BrowseAloud 6 is compatible with Firefox.

How do I get BrowseAloud 6 to read PDF’s on an enabled site?

For BrowseAloud 6 to read PDF's the PDF has to open within the Internet browser window on an enabled site.

Also the PDF link that you are clicking on has to end with the prefix '.pdf' at the end for BrowseAloud 6 to pick it up.

When you click on a PDF link on the Website, you should get a message saying ' BrowseAloud 6 has detected a PDF download. Would you like BrowseAloud 6 to download and read the document?' Click the yes button and BrowseAloud 6 will download the PDF to enable it to be read.

How do I get the text to be read in the Dictionary Window?

Hover over the text with your mouse and it will be read back.

How do I get the text to be read in the Translator Window?

For BrowseAloud 6 to read the word please click on the word with your mouse button.

How do I remove BrowseAloud 6?

BrowseAloud 6 is a virtualised application which does not require any program files to be installed on your computer. It can be removed from your computer as below:-

  1. Ensure BrowseAloud 6 has been closed. BrowseAloud 6 can be closed by right clicking on the BrowseAloud 6 icon in your system tray and clicking on 'Exit BrowseAloud'
  2. Locate the BrowseAloud 6 file that you downloaded and saved on your computer.
  3. Delete this file.
How do I stop BrowseAloud 6 starting everytime I start my computer?

If you do not want BrowseAloud 6 to start each time your computer starts you can switch this feature off in the BrowseAloud 6 options window. To do this:-

1. In the Options Panel, ensure there is a check beside 'Show me more options' and go to the 'Program' tab.

2. In the 'Program' tab uncheck the option, 'Always start BrowseAloud when my computer starts'

3. Click on 'OK' to save your settings and close options.

How many words are in the online Dictionary?

There are approx 150,000 words in the dictionary.

Is BrowseAloud 6 available in International languages?

BrowseAloud 6 offers the user a selection of international languages and voices. High quality male and female voices are available and do not require the user to install any additional software.

BrowseAloud 6 will also use any compatible high quality voices that a user has installed on their computer.

BrowseAloud 6 values your security and privacy. If you are browsing a secure webpage, BrowseAloud 6 will revert to the local voice, saved on your computer, to ensure that secure information is not sent across the Internet.

International Languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Flemish
  • French
  • French Canadian
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Mexican Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Welsh
Is BrowseAloud 6 compatible with Windows 8?

No, it is not.

Is it safe to use BrowseAloud to read Secure sites?

Yes, it is. BrowseAloud 6 checks the prefix of a URL and if it detects that it has reached a secure website (https), BrowseAloud 6 will only use the locally installed voice. The locally installed voice reads the text directly from the end user's machine, maintaining security between the end user's machine and the organisation.

If you are using a streaming voice, a message will appear to say that BrowseAloud 6 is switching to the locally installed voice. BrowseAloud 6 can not stream text from a secure site to our Servers.

Using Firefox on Windows 8 when I have installed BrowseAloud 6 does it need to be restarted for BrowseAloud 6 plugin to be installed?

Yes it does.
1. Install Mozilla Firefox
2. Launch BrowseAloud 6
3. Message appears "Install Now" to install Plugin for Mozilla Firefox
4. Click on Install Now
5. User has to click on Firefox in Taskbar
6. Click on Restart Now
7. Firefox Restarts and Plugin is installed

Using Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 why can I not use MP3 whole page selection?

"Mp3 whole page if no selection" is not supported when using IE10 with Windows 8.

What is the limit of words I can convert to MP3?

The limit for text conversion to MP3 is 13,000 words.

What versions of Adobe Reader are compatible with BrowseAloud 6?

BrowseAloud 6 is compatible with Adobe Acrobat and Reader version X.

BrowseAloud 6 is not compatible with Adobe Reader XI due to the way plugins are loaded- they need a specific stamp from Adobe before they can be loaded.

Why can I not access the HQ Streaming Voices?

1. Introduction

BrowseAloud 6 uses an online service to deliver high quality audio to your computer. The speech you hear when you move your mouse over a web page is generated on our servers and is sent to your computer as an MP3 file.

In some cases, hardware or software configurations either on your computer or on your network can prevent you from receiving this high quality speech. If this happens, BrowseAloud 6 will automatically switch to a lower quality voice installed on your computer.

Note:  BrowseAloud 6 will not use a high quality online voice when using secure web pages. This is for your security and privacy. For this reason, we will always use a lower-quality local voice on secure web pages.

BrowseAloud 6 also needs to periodically download updates. These can be updates to the BrowseAloud 6 software itself, site subscription information, or information about new voices that we add to our servers.

2. Security Software on Your Own PC

If you are running security software on your computer, you may need to change your settings to permit BrowseAloud 6 to access the Internet to receive speech.

3. Security Systems on a Corporate Network

If you are running BrowseAloud 6 on a corporate network, it is likely that there will be a security arrangement in place to prevent unauthorised software accessing the Internet. This could be a firewall on your network, or a proxy server.

By 'corporate network', we mean a network that can be found in any non-domestic organisation, such as a business, local government or central government department, or an educational establishment.

If there are security restrictions on your network, this will mean that BrowseAloud 6 cannot access the Internet to receive high quality speech or software updates. BrowseAloud 6 will use the lower-quality voice installed on your computer to read web pages.

Note: These issues will rarely occur for domestic users of BrowseAloud 6. Home users will generally not have restrictions on their internet access.

In these cases, you will need to approach your network administrator or your technical support team and ask that they configure their firewall and/or proxy server to allow BrowseAloud 6 to access its online services.

BrowseAloud 6 needs to be able to access the following servers: (For HQ Voices) (For HQ Voices) (For Downloads) (For Translator) (For Translator in US) (For Dictionary)

You will also need to ensure that you can get access to the following file types from the servers:

MP3: These files contain the audio that BrowseAloud 6 will play back to you.

XML: These files contain control information for speech.

INI: These files will be used for general software updates, such as lists of available voices and other program configuration.

MSP: These are update files that are downloaded when the BrowseAloud 6 software needs to be updated.

If your network security requires access to be granted to individual programs, you will need to permit the following applications to access the servers listed above:

BAloud4.exe: This is the main BrowseAloud 6 application.

Texthelpdownloader.exe: This delivers software updates for BrowseAloud 6.

If these steps are followed, then you will be able to use the high quality voices.

Why is there no shortcut for BrowseAloud 6 on the Start menu?

This is by design, BrowseAloud 6 is started by double clicking the 'BrowseAloud' file that you copied to your local machine.

Why will BrowseAloud 6 not read Flash on my website even though there is a tick through the BrowseAloud 6 icon in the System Tray?

BrowseAloud 6 can only read accessible Flash content.  When creating Flash documents using Flash, they can be made accessible meaning that screen reading software will be able to access the text.

More information on making the text accessible when creating Flash content can be found at the links below;