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BrowseAloud is:

  • Free to download
  • Easy to use - just place your mouse-pointer on a page and Browsealoud starts reading!

Keep reading to find out more about:

  • Voice control - you can control how BrowseAloud reads sites aloud
  • Highlighting - BrowseAloud highlights the word and sentence it is reading aloud
  • Continuous reading - BrowseAloud will keep reading a page until you tell it to stop
  • Small download - BrowseAloud has a small firewall-friendly download

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Saving text as an MP3

BrowseAloud allows you to save text as an MP3. The advantage of transferring text onto a portable player is that you can then listen to it on the move.

To save text as an MP3:

1.      Select the text on the web page you want to save as an MP3.

2.      Click the MP3 button MP3 icon  on the Toolbar.

The Save As dialog box is displayed, as shown below:

Save as dialog

The Mp3 Files option is selected automatically from the Save as type drop down list.

3.     Browse to the location in your directory where you want to save the MP3.

4.      Enter a name for the MP3 in the File name text box.

5.      Click on the Save button.

You can now access the new MP3 by browsing to the location in which you saved it. You can also transfer MP3s to a mobile audio device when required.

If you wish to MP3 a whole page, you may do this by:

1.      Open the Options Panel

2.      Click on the “Customise Speech” Tab

3.      Select the “MP3 whole page if no selection” checkbox

Now when the MP3 button on the Toolbar is clicked and no selection is made, you will be asked if you would like to make an MP3 of the whole page. This functionality can convert text up to 13,000 characters in length.


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