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BrowseAloud is:

  • Free to download
  • Easy to use - just place your mouse-pointer on a page and Browsealoud starts reading!

Keep reading to find out more about:

  • Voice control - you can control how BrowseAloud reads sites aloud
  • Highlighting - BrowseAloud highlights the word and sentence it is reading aloud
  • Continuous reading - BrowseAloud will keep reading a page until you tell it to stop
  • Small download - BrowseAloud has a small firewall-friendly download

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Downloading and running Browsealoud

You download Browsealoud from the Browsealoud downloads page. Alternatively, you can click on the Browsealoud logo on any Browsealoud-enabled website, and follow the instructions. Your computer must be connected to the Internet before you install Browsealoud. If you have a previous version of Browsealoud on your computer, this will have to be removed before you run Browsealoud 5.

Before you run Browsealoud, make sure your PC has the appropriate system requirements.

To download and run Browsealoud:

  1. Go to the Browsealoud downloads page.

  2. Click on PC download.

  3. Choose your operating system.

  4. The File Download - Security Warning dialog box is displayed.

  1. Click on the Save button and and put in the location where you want Browsealoud to be saved.

  1. When Browsealoud has been downloaded, navigate to where you saved it.

  1. Double click on the Browsealoud icon to start Browsealoud. You will be taken through the First Run Wizard. The first panel contains the license agreement.

  2. Read the terms of using Browsealoud carefully before selecting the I accept the license agreement radio button.

  3. Click on the Next button.

  4. The Read Me panel will explain how to use the software. Click on the Next button when you have read this.

  5. The First Run Wizard Complete panel will explain the various icons that Browsealoud has. When you have looked at this click on the Finish button.

  1. Browsealoud is now running on your system and is ready to be used.

You are now ready to start Browsealoud or change your Browsealoud preferences.


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