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BrowseAloud is:

  • Free to download
  • Easy to use - just place your mouse-pointer on a page and Browsealoud starts reading!

Keep reading to find out more about:

  • Voice control - you can control how BrowseAloud reads sites aloud
  • Highlighting - BrowseAloud highlights the word and sentence it is reading aloud
  • Continuous reading - BrowseAloud will keep reading a page until you tell it to stop
  • Small download - BrowseAloud has a small firewall-friendly download

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Setting up Speech options

You can change the voice used by BrowseAloud to read text and you can control what you want read aloud. You can do this using the Speech tab in the BrowseAloud Options dialog box, which is shown below:

BrowseAloud Speech dialog

To set up Speech options:

  1. Click on the BrowseAloud options icon 'Options' button on the BrowseAloud toolbar or double click on the BrowseAloud icon BrowseAloud icon in the system tray.

    The BrowseAloud Options dialog box is displayed.

  2. Select the voice you want to use by selecting a speech engine from the My current voice drop down list. If you want to hear a sample of the voice you have selected, you can click on the Test Voice button.

    There are two different types of voices to choose from:

    • streaming voices - these voices provide speech from an online speech engine. You need to use one of these to use the saving text as an MP3 feature.

    • non-streaming voices - these voices are preferable if you have a slower Internet connection and want high security. The advantage of using this type of voice is that when browsing secure websites your private information is not sent across the Internet. BrowseAloud will always use these types of voices on secure sites.

  1. Adjust the speed of the voice by clicking on the Speed bar icon on the Speed bar and dragging the pointer either to the left or to the right. You can make the voice speak slowly or quickly to suit your personal preference.

  2. Click on the Test Voice button to test any changes you have made to the voice.

  3. Select the Speak BrowseAloud options and menus check box if you want BrowseAloud to read aloud the menus, buttons and other options on the BrowseAloud Options dialog box and popup menus used in BrowseAloud. Click here to learn more about reading BrowseAloud options.

  4. To reduce the size of the Options Panel, select the Smaller Dialog checkbox.

  5. Show me more options checkbox.

  6. If you are not happy with the new settings, click on the Program tab and select the Reset all defaults button to revert back to the original settings. If you click on this button, all of the options you have selected in the BrowseAloud Options dialog box will be replaced by the default settings.

  7. Click on the OK button to save the settings.


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