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Browsealoud 5

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faqIs Firefox version 3 supported with Browsealoud 5?

faqWhen I am using Browsealoud a red icon appears on the mouse cursor and it will not read, why?

faqCan I control Browsealoud without a mouse?

faqHow do I remove Browsealoud 5?

faqWhen I try to run Browsealoud 5 I get an error 'Browsealoud 5 has stopped responding'. What can I do?

faqHow many words are in the online Dictionary?

faqHow can I get the 'Save as MP3' option enabled with Browsealoud 5?

faqHow do I read pdfs from an enabled website?

faqWhy is there no shortcut for Browsealoud 5 on the Start menu?

faqHow does Browsealoud 5 differ from Browsealoud 4?

faqWhat PDFs can Browsealoud read?

faqWhich versions of Adobe are supported by Browsealoud 5?

faqI am running Vista, are there any issues with Browsealoud and this platform?

faqAccessing Browsealoud 5 High Quality voices

faqHow do I stop Browsealoud starting everytime I start my computer?

faqI have updated my Adobe Reader and now Browsealoud 4 will not read PDF documents.

faqWhat version of Adobe Reader should be used with Browsealoud 5?

faqHow do I create an MP3 file?

faqI am using Word 2007 and Browsealoud will not read the document.

faqI am moving my mouse over a Word document, but the text is not read

faqWhen I have used the dictionary and move the mouse over text it is not read

faqI installed Browsealoud 4 as an elevated user on Vista and it will not read

faqHow do I use Browsealoud to read text to me?

faqHow do I know if a website is speech enabled using Browsealoud?

faqHow do I change the way individual words are pronounced?


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